Summer Camp 2019 in Dubai

We are Unique!

We are introducing a new sport to the country TRIATHLE. For the first time ever your kids will learn how to shoot a laser gun with qualified shooting coach, a member Member of Union International de Pentatholon Moderne(UIPM).


TRIATHLE is a competition, similar to triathlon, in which athletes compete in three different events as a part of a single race: shooting, swimming and running. The sport is derived from modern pentathlon.

All the three events of the competition takes place on the beach. The first is the shooting part. The shooting range is a few meters away for the starting point, and athletes race towards it to pick up their guns and start shooting. Laser guns with sensitive targets are used for this.

The next is the swimming part which consists of swimming on the sea on a course closer to the beach. The swim course is built using buoys and athletes have to swim around it. The end of the swimming leg leads the athletes on to the running course which is the final leg of the race.

The running event takes place on deep sand. The total running distance of the course is 320 meters, and is designed with several turns.

TRIATHLE races are conducted for both boys and girls of different age groups. It is an international sport and athletes from various countries take part in competitions.

At CSA we pride ourselves on providing a summer experience that our kids will never forget! Summer activities such as TRIATHLE, football, basketball, fitness, games and yoga awaits your child in our Summer Camp.

Feel free to contact us for more details. We will be glad to answer all your questions.

Q. What are the activities?
Shooting, Running, Swimming, Football, Running, Yoga.

Q. What is the location?
Dubai International Academy, Al Barsha

Q. What are the dates?
We run the camp from July 7 to August 8, Sunday to Thursday. You can register your kid just for one day or for the full 25 days.

Q. What is the timing?
8.30 am to 3.00 pm

Q.What’s the cost?

  1. 1 Day 160 AED
  2. 3 Day 450 AED
  3. 5 Day 600 AED
  4. 10 Day 1100 AED
  5. 15 Day 1600 AED
  6. 20 Day 2000 AED
  7. 25 Day 2500 AED

Q. Is transportation provided?
Yes, please contact us for details.

Q. Is food provided?
No, please pack meals and nutrition-boosting snacks for your child. 😊

Q. What if I want to do a full package Baku & UAE Camp?
That’s Great! Your kids will love it! Full Package is available for 6500 AED (1000 AED OFF).